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IT Support

Adding a Room to Outlook Room Finder

Adding a departmental controlled conference rooms.

Adobe Product Login

During the summer 2019, the campus lab image will give students access to the new Adobe products. Students will need to log in to the products to use them.

Once you click on an Adobe CC Product, the application will launch and they’ll be prompted to login. They will need to sign in with their EKU student email password.

Once you enter your email in (, you'll be taken to the Azure login page.

Android: Screenshot

How to take screenshot with Android device.

Apps and Software Security

Apps and software are what run on our PCs, phones, and other mobile devices.  They allow us to do our work, complete school assignments, access entertainment and connect with the world.  They are also easy ways for criminals to gain access to your devices and the information stored on them.

Backup & Retention Policy

Time parameters for backups for various IT systems. This is a short list of important systems and the backup policies for each.

Banner Data Extract

Extract data from banner form into an excel spreadsheet.

Banner FGRBDSC Report

This report displays adjusted budget, current and year-to-date activity, budget reservations, and the available balance for each account.  

Banner FGRODTA Report

How to run the FGRODTA (Organizational Detail Activity) Report.

Banner Finance Manual

The complete Banner Finance User Manual.

Banner Grant Forms & Reports

Grant forms and reports.

Banner Keystrokes

Banner keystrokes and menus guide.

Banner Password

Banner password.

Banner Reports

This Banner Report article discusses Banner Student Information for Academic Offices.

Banner: Basics

Information about the Banner software, training, and documentation. 

Banner: Delete Java Cache

Java update fix Database Authentication error in Banner.

Banner: How to Change Password

How to change your Banner password for EKU employees.

Banner: Naming Conventions for Banner Objects

This is a complete list of naming conventions for Banner objects.

Banner: Navigation

Here are the steps to Banner navigation.

Banner: Rule Code Definitions

Summary of finance terms/abbreviations (rule code definitions) in Banner.