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Banner: Naming Conventions for Banner Objects

The unique seven or eight character names of Banner object forms, reports, jobs and tables are assigned according to a set of conventions. Each name is built from the same four components:

  • System identifier (one or two characters)
  • Module identifier (one character)
  • Oject type code (one character)
  • Unique identifier (four characters)

Here is an example of Banner object names.

Item Name System Module Object Type Unique Identifier
SPAIDEN S Student P Person A Application IDEN Identification
GJRRPTS G General J Job Submission R Report RPTS Report & Parameter Information
GTVZIPC G General T Validation Form/Table V Validation Form/Table ZIPC Zip/Postal Code

Position 1:
Identifies the primary system owning the form, report, job, or table.

A Alumni/Development L Occupational Tax/Lic. U Utilities
B Property Tax N Position Control V Voice Response
C Courts O Customer Contact

X Records Indexing

D Cash Drawer P HR/ Payroll/ Personnel W Reserved for Client
F Finance Q Electronics Work Queue Y
G General R Financial Aid Z Applications that coexist with Banner 2000
I Information Access S Student  
K Work Management T Accounts Receivable  

Position 2:
Identifies the module owning the form, report, job or table.

General (G) Student (S) Finance (F) Accounts Receivable (T)
E Event Management A Admissions A Accounts Payable F Finance Accounts Receivable
J Job Submission C Catalog B Budget Development

G General Accounts Receivable

L Letter Generation E Support Services  C Cost Accounting O Overall 
O Overall F Registration/ Fee Assessment E Electronic Data Interchange S Student Accounts Receivable
P Purge G General Student F Fixed Assets T Validation form/table
S Security H Grades/Academic History G General Ledger U Utility
T Validation form/table I Faculty Load I Investment Management  
U Utility K Intl.-UK O Operations   
X Cross Product L Location Management P Purchasing/Procurement  
  M CAPP R Research Accounting  
  O Overall S Stores Inventory  
  P Person T Validation form/table  
  R Recruiting U Utility  
  S Schedule X Archive/Purge  
  T Validation form/table    
  U Utility    
Financial Aid(R)

Position Control (N)

Alumni/Development(A) Information Access(I)
B Budgeting A Application A Membership S Student
C Record Creation B Budget D Designation R Financial Aid
F Funds Management D Benefit/Deductions E Event Management  
H History and Transcripts E Employee F Campaign  
J Student Employment H Time Reporting/History G Pledge and Gift/Pledge Pymt  
L Logging O Overall M Prospect Management  
N Need Analysis P General Person O Organization  
O Common Functions R Electronic Approvals P Constituent/Person  
P Packaging & Disbursements S Security S Solicitor Organization  
R Requirements Tracking T Validation/Rule Table T Validation Form/Table  
S Student System Shared Data U Utility U Utility  
T Validation Form/Table X Tax Administration X Expected Matching Gift  
U Utility      

All products: W,Y,Z: Reserved for client forms or modules used when a Banner 2000 application (character in position 1 does not equate)

Position 3:
Identifies the type of form, report, job or table

General (G) Student (S) Finance (F)
A Application Form A Application Form A Application Form
B Base Table Batch COBOL Process B Base Table

B Base Table

I Inquiry Form I Inquiry Form I Inquiry Form
O Process P Process M Maintenance Form
Q Query Form Q Query Form Q Query Form
R Rule Table Repeating Table Report/Process R Rule Table Repeating Table/Process R Rule Table Repeating Table Report/Process
T Temporary Table V Validation Form/Table View V Validation Form/ Table View
V Table View    

Accounts Receivable (T)

A Application Form P Process R Report
I Inquiry Form Q Query Form V Validation Form/Table
Financial Aid (R)

HR/Payroll/Personnel (P)
Position Control (N)

Alumni/Development (A)
A Application Form A Application Form A Application Form
B Base Table B Base Table Batch COBOL Process B Base Table
I Inquiry Form I Inquiry Form C Called/List Form
P Process P Process I Inquiry Form
R Rule Table Repeating Rules Table Report R Rule Table Repeating Report/Process P Process/Report
T Temporary Table V Validation Form/Table R Repeating Rules Table
V Table View   T Temporary Table
    V Validation Form/Table View

Information Access: R Report

Position 4,5,6,7:
Uniquely identify the forms, report, job, or table

S Student S Student S Student
P Person H Grades/Acad.Hist T Validation Form/Table
A Application R Report V Validation Form/Table
IDEN Identification ROLL Grade Roll STAT State/Prov. Code
SCA History  SHA Student Acad. History  
SSA Individual CRN Info SIA Faculty Info  
SAA Admission    
SGA General Student Info    
SFA Registration Info    

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