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Backup & Retention Policy


The Banner system's most important part is the database. We keep seven days of Database backups for Disaster recovery, and six months of logs around to remain compliant with auditing requirements.

Banner - 7 days (DR)


Deleted Item Retention is set to 60 days. This setting means that if a user deleted an item from their Inbox, it will remain in their "Recover From Deleted Items" area for 60 days.

Email system/database backups are kept for 21 days. This means the total time we could recover a persons email account is 81 days.

Directions to recover deleted emails during the 60 day period

File Servers

This refers to all network drives (N:, Q:, U:, W:) along with the student file server.

File Servers - 21 days

All Other Servers

Regular Servers - 21 days

Contact Information

Dustin Tennill