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Self-service Password Reset Option

The following instructions will illustrate how to set up the security verification (two-factor authentication) required to activate the self-service feature of Office365. Once activated, you will have the ability to change your password for all services, including email, Blackboard, myEKU, etc. in one convenient location without the need to call or email for assistance.

Passwords & Accounts: Students

Username and password (myMail and Blackboard) information for EKU Students.

Students: Microsoft Office 365

All registered EKU students have access to Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for free.

myMail: Cache Clear

http://www.eku.eduHow to clear browser cache to get rid of the “Microsoft 365 login screen.”

Update Your Address, Phone, Email & Campus Directory Profile

This article discusses using myEKU to update your personal information.

Passwords & Accounts: Employee

This article discusses passwords and accounts for EKU employees.

Configure EKU myMail on Mobile Devices

How to configure EKU myMail on mobile devices

Reset EKU Password

ISSUE: I need to reset my EKU email password and it is still working


Mobile Devices and Smartphones: Students

Options and support for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for students on and off campus.

Spam Filter-Employee Email

Information about spam filtering at EKU.

Information Technology Checklist: New Students

IT checklist for new students at EKU.

Email Setup: Employees

Activate your email for EKU employees.

Information Technology Checklist: New Employees

IT checklist for new employees.

Email Setup on iOS Phone: Employee


Instructions for setting up email on iOS phones and mobile devices for employees.

Reset EKU Password - Forgot Password

ISSUE: I need to reset my EKU email password myself but don't remember my password

FIX:  Be sure you have password self-service and two-factor authenticaion (2FA) enabled.

Email Setup on Android Phone: Employee

Instructions for setting up employee email accounts on Android phones and mobile devices.

Mobile Devices and Smartphones: Employees

Resources and information for using smartphones and other mobile devices for EKU employees.

Setup self-service password reset

ISSUE: I need to set up self service password reset.


Adding a Room to Outlook Room Finder

Adding a departmental controlled conference rooms.

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups (Error)

Issue: When trying to send an email to a non-EKU email account, the following error occurs:

              "Deliver has failed to these recipients or groups:"

Cause: Your account is blocked by Microsoft because it has been compromised and is sending spam.

Delivery has failed