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Passwords & Accounts: Employee

Employee Username & Password

  • Username and Password are given to each employee during their scheduled visit to Human Resources or at Employee Orientation
  • To activate log in to EKU Direct, click Personal Information, then click EKU Employee Email Account Information
  • Password must be changed every 90 days (Learn how to take control of your password)

Example format:
Username: LastNameFirstInitial   (John Smith → smithj)
Password: case-sensitive alphanumeric

How to Take Control of YOUR Password

Learn how to take control of your password

Change YOUR Password

Option 1: If you know your old password and are able to login to your computer 

  • Select Ctl Alt Del buttons simultaneously after logging in
  • Select Change a password


  • Login to
  • Select wheel in top right corner
  • Select Change password

Make sure to change your password on all mobile devices, in settings, for email, wireless and lync.

Option 2: If your password has expired, and you have not Taken Control of Your Password in EKUDirect 

Option3Contact the IT Service Desk at 859.622.3000 to reset your password

Password and username used for logging in to the following:

  • Email
  • Blackboard
  • Wireless network
  • University-issued PCs (in offices and computer labs)
  • Spam filter
  • Sharepoint
  • Network drives/FTP
  • Printing from computer labs
  • VPN

Password Notes

1. Passwords expire every 180 days.
2. You cannot reuse your previous three passwords.
3. You cannot change your password again until at least 24 hours elapse. Call the IT Service Desk, 859-622-3000, if you need it changed sooner.
4. A “passphrase”—multiple words run together—tends to be more secure since it tends to be longer, easier to remember, and harder to crack.

Passwords are case-sensitive and must:

1. Be a minimum of 10 characters.
2. Your password must include a combination of ALL of the following:
     -Start with a letter.
     -Contain at least one number.
     -Uppercase letters.
     -Lowercase letters
     -Special characters. For example: !, @, #, $

Take Control of Your Password

Employee Identification Number and Pin

Your EKUDirect "user ID" is your employee identification number that begins with a 9.
The "password" is a 6-digit PIN (initially your birthdate in the form MMDDYY)

User ID: 901234567
PIN: 073166

  • EKUDirect User ID and PIN are all digits
  • You may change your PIN by logging in to EKU Direct, then clicking Personal Information, then Change PIN

To reset a non-working EKUDirect PIN:

  • Staff: Contact Human Resources, 622-8660 
  • Faculty: Contact the administrative assistant in your dean's office

EKUDirect is where an employee can:

  • View benefits, leave balances, paystubs, and W2 and W4 data
  • Submit time sheets
  • Opt-in for emergency text messaging
  • Verify your personal information
  • Renew parking permits via Bosscars Home
  • View student services & financial aid data, if applicable

Find out more about EKUDirect
Password and Account Support Article for Students


Include your official EKU email, and an IT Tech will reach out to you for assistance.

Contact Information

IT Service Desk
859 622 3000