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Blackboard: Instructor Basics QUICK START guide

Quick Start Guide for new Faculty Blackboard users at EKU.

Banner: Basics

Information about the Banner software, training, and documentation. 

CMS: Preparing for Training

Prepare for a content management system training session.

Training: DegreeWorks

Description of DegreeWorks training.

Use Microsoft Stream to Host Video Content in Blackboard

In order to reduce load on the Blackboard servers, it is a good practice not to upload videos directly to Blackboard.  Instead, all EKU users have an account on where they can upload and share videos to other EKU users.  This tutorial illustrates how to use this feature to embed video content in to your Blackboard course without hosting the videos on the Blackboard server.

First, go to and click on the sign in button in the top right:

Training: Banner F04 Requisitions and Receiving

Description of the Banner F04 training.

Training: Banner 104 Student Information

Description of the Banner 104 training.

Training: Banner 101 Navigation

The Banner Access Form must be completed.

Banner Navigation Tutorial

  1. Provides learner with hands-on training
  2. Complete from the convenience of your office


CMS: Content Types

CMS-content type options.

CMS: Links

This article discusses Menu Link Titles and external links.

CMS: Log in

CMS-how to log in to your webpage in the EKU content management system. 

CMS: Alt Text

To make a web page accessible for people who use talking browsers, screen readers, text browsers or browsers on small devices you must include alternative text (alt text) with your images.

INB User Documentation

This article discusses INB user Documentation.

Web Writing: Plan Your Workflow

Content creation is decentralized in a content management system (CMS). Take time to plan for the new workflow.

CMS: Content Management

CMS- using the Content Management tool.

CMS: Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide to the CMS.

CMS: Contact Information

CMS-how to create the contact information section.

Banner Keystrokes

Banner keystrokes and menus guide.

Lync Phone: PIN Management

Manage PIN for Lync phones.

Data Trustee Program

This support article explains best practice data security management for employees who handle confidential information.