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Using Respondus LockDown Browser - For Instructors

Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is a tool that you can enable in your Blackboard course to perform a somewhat automated form of test proctoring.  LDB is a web browser that will prevent students from opening other programs or going to other websites besides EKU's Blackboard.  NOTE: Respondus Monitor is an option within LDB that automatically records the students' monitor display and their webcam.   

LDB requires a student to be taking the test on a Windows or Mac computer or tablets (including Chromebooks).  It does NOT work on mobile devices.  We very strongly suggest that you create a 0 point test in Blackboard that students can use to verify that their hardware and software configuration will work with LDB.  We recommend you make this test have unlimited attempts so that students can use it any time they need to test.  This way you can identify whether this solution will work for your class depending on what equipment your students have.  

To enable Respondus LDB in your class, go to your course management Control Panel and click on Customization then Tool Availability.

Screenshot of course management menu with tool availability highlighted

Find Respondus LockDown Browser in the list, and check the box to enable it in your course.

Screenshot of Respondus LockDown Browser entry in tool availability list with check box checked

Now under Course Tools you will see an entry for Respondus LockdownBrowser.

Screenshot of Respondus LockDown Browser entry in Course Tools menu

Once you enter the Respondus LDB tool, you will get a welcome screen.  Note that there are some very helpful getting started guides and video tutorials that we recommend you watch.

Respondus LockDown Browser tool welcome screen

Once fully inside the tool you will see a list of all of your tests in your course.  Click the arrow next to the test you want to use LDB with and click Settings.

Screenshot of the menu to enter settings for a test

Here you can enable LDB.   You should ignore this password and the section about Monitor.  

Screenshot of Settings menu for a test with Respondus LockDown Browser enabled

Your students will need to download and install LDB from the following link - you may want to add this link in to the description of any test that will be using LDB:

For students to take the exam where LDB has been enabled they will need to open the Respondus LockDown Browser application on their computer.  It should take them straight to the EKU Blackboard login page.  They can then log in, go to your class, and find and begin the test.


If your students have difficulty using Respondus LockDown Browser please have them call the IT Service Desk at 859-622-3000.  Remember that these products only work on Windows and Mac based computers and tablets (including Chromebooks) but not on mobile devices.