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Use Microsoft Stream to Host Video Content in Blackboard

In order to reduce load on the Blackboard servers, it is a good practice not to upload videos directly to Blackboard.  Instead, all EKU users have an account on where they can upload and share videos to other EKU users.  This tutorial illustrates how to use this feature to embed video content in to your Blackboard course without hosting the videos on the Blackboard server.

First, go to and click on the sign in button in the top right:

Microsoft Stream homepage

Then, sign in with your full EKU email address as the username and your EKU email password:

Microsoft Stream login page for EKU

Once logged in to Microsoft Stream, choose Upload a Video from the Create menu:

Upload a video button location

Drag-and-drop your video file to upload it (or browse to the video on your computer):

Upload a video screen

As your video uploads, give it a name.  You can also change permissions settings here - by default your video will be available to anyone with an EKU account:

Video upload and options

Once the video uploads, click Publish Now.  You can then find the video by clicking on My Videos in the My Content menu:

My Videos menu option location

In the My Videos list, you can watch your videos by clicking on them.  Click the three dots on the right and then choose Share when you are ready to deploy your video in Blackboard:

My Videos page with sharing options opened

On the Share screen you can choose to copy a link to the video, email out the video, or get code you can use to embed the video:

Video sharing - share link option selected

For this tutorial, choose the Embed option to get access to the code you can use to embed your video in Blackboard.  Click the Copy button to copy the embed code to the clipboard:

Sharing Video - embed options selected

Next you will log in to Blackboard, go to your course content area where you want students to see your video, and create an item.  In the content editor, click the html button on the right side to open the html editor.  This is where you will paste in your video's embed code:

HTML editor in Blackboard with embed code pasted in

Click Update on the HTML editor, then click Submit for the item.  Your video will now be embedded in your content area and viewable by your students:

Video embedded in to Blackboard course

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