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Blackboard News for Fall 2022

We have some great news about our EKU Blackboard system:

1.      A new feature allows all users to select the pronouns they desire. You can also help others pronounce your name correctly, through text and audio. These features are controlled on your Profile page.

2.      The pronoun and pronunciation info is shown to other users where your “avatar” is displayed, such as in discussion forums and on the Roster. You select your avatar on your Profile page.

3.      EKU has a brand new “homework help” and online tutoring service named Bartleby. This is available (at NO CHARGE) to students in all courses at EKU. You can reach Bartleby anytime from the Tools page on the main navigation menu. We are encouraging instructors to add a link to Bartleby on the Blackboard course menu:

a.      Atop the course menu, click the plus sign and select Tool Link.

b.      Set the Name to “Bartleby 24/7 Homework Help,” and select that item from the Type menu.

c.       Check the box to make it Available to Users, and click Submit. This places the link at the bottom of the course menu, and you can drag it into the position you prefer.

d.      For more information about Bartleby, open the Faculty Toolkit

4.      Attaching documents from Microsoft OneDrive is now very easy. In any content-editing box, click the plus sign (at the end of the third toolbar), and you will find Microsoft OneDrive Attachment among the “Additional Tools.” Selecting that option leads directly to your own OneDrive storage.

5.      Blackboard recently updated the Blackboard mobile app, with many improvements. Instructors no longer need to use a separate app.

6.      Almost all of our courses at EKU continue to use the “Original Course View,” with a left hand menu that controls the display in the main frame. Blackboard’s newer “Ultra Course View” will be promoted this semester as a great alternative for future course development.

Published on August 10, 2022