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File Transfer, Storage & Infrastructure

File Transfer, Storage & Infrastructure


University Data

Storage (Network Drives/Cloud Drives)

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Wired Network

Wired network connections are available in all campus buildings.  If a new wired port needs to be added see the IT cost page.  If a port needs to be repaired, call the IT Service Desk at 1-859-622-3000 with the building and room number.

The wired network in the residence halls is called ResNet.  For information or repairs, call the IT Geeks at 1-859-622-GEEK (4335).

Wireless Network

There are two wireless networks on campus.  All students, faculty, and staff should use the EKU_SECURE network.  You will use your email username and password to login.  This network is secure and more open than the guest network.

The second wireless network is EKU_GUEST and this is for guests of the university.  It requires no login but there is access to fewer resources on it too.


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