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Rates & Charges*

Rates & Charges

Audio-Visual Services

When designing a new learning space or upgrading an old one, you should contact the IT Service Desk regarding classroom technology costs to be incurred by the requestor.


  • Campus
    -IT Funds: Maintenance of wired/wireless infrastructure, cabling, and equipment after installation
    -Requestor Funds:
         *Installation of data drop/wiring: $175-$250
         *Grant funded areas pay a monthly port usage charge: $15
    -New Construction: Project budget initial networking equipment
  • ResNet
    -New Construction: Project budget provides initial equipment purchase
    -All other work is funded from ResNet IT Budget


  • Campus
    -IT Funds: Bought VOIP phones for the Skype for Business implementation
    -Requestor Funds: Any replacement phones or phones needed after implementation which ended June 2017


  • Campus
    -IT Funds: Maintenance of infrastructure, cabling, and equipment after installation
    -Requestor Funds
         *Requestor pays one-time for the IPTV device $100
         *Requestor pays monthly usage cost: $10
         *Requestor pays for the installation of data drop/wiring if required: $175-$250
    -New Construction: Project budget provides initial TV cabling and equipment
  • ResNet
    -New Construction: Project budget provides initial equipment purchase
    -All other work is funded from ResNet IT Budget

Security Cameras

  • Campus Buildings
    -IT Funds
         *Storage system for video storage
         *Infrastructure/bandwidth required to support networked video security system
    -Requestor Funds
         *Requestor pays for the one-time purchase of camera: $200-$1,000
         *Requestor pays installation of the camera - external contractor does this work:
          $175-200 per camera
    -Requestor should pay yearly maintenance costs at $50 per camera per year. This
      fee covers Video Storage costs, Support/Maintenance with camera vendor, security
      software, and camera replacement costs.

Emergency Phones

  • IT funded at $7,000 per year to cover maintenance of existing phones via a yearly budget transfer
  • IT Funds
    -$20 per phone each year to maintain telephony system
    -Maintenance of wired/wireless infrastructure required to provide this system
    -IT currently provides labor to troubleshoot and repair phones (15-20 hours per week
  • Requestor Funds
    -One-time purchase of the phone: $2,000
    -Installation charges per phone: $500-$4,000 (depending on details of install)

Computer/Server Resources

  • IT Funds
    -Servers, storage, software, and data center required to run virtual servers at EKU
    -Staff to monitor/maintain services
    -Basic amount of space on all departmental network drives
    -Server operating systems running on departmental virtual servers - Includes Windows/Ubuntu Linux. 
  • Requester Funds
    -Virtual Server yearly cost
         *Memory - 1GB RAM: $4
         *Storage - $0.28 per GB per year
         *Processor - up to 2 virtual processors provided at no cost
    -Software licensing for requested software
    -Network Drive Quota
         *$280 per TB per year for quota on network drives (N:, P:, Q:)
         *Includes backup costs


Black/White Copy  $.10 each
Black/White Copy (Duplex)  $.17 each
Color Copy  $.75 each


*NOTE: Anything not covered above--discussion required.  Contact the IT Service Desk: 859-622-3000