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Email, Calendars & Collaboration

Email, Calendars & Collaboration

Eastern Kentucky University assigns email accounts to students, faculty, and staff when they become part of the EKU community.  Accounts are provided through Microsoft products.  

Student Email (myMail)

myMail is EKU’s email, calendar and collaboration service for students.

Faculty/Staff Email and Calendar

Eastern Kentucky University uses Microsoft's Exchange server to manage faculty and staff email.  All faculty and staff receive an Exchange account upon employment and during your scheduled visit to Human Resources or at Employee Orientation.  Your username is usually your first name.last name (john.doe) or (doej) and your email address is ''

To activate your email account login to EKU Direct, click 'Personal Information', then click 'EKU Employee Email Account Information.'

Rules regarding passwords:

  1. Passwords must change every 90 days.
  2. You cannot reuse your previous three passwords.
  3. Passwords are case-sensitive and must be at least 8 characters, start with a letter, contain one number and contain NO special characters (@, #, $, !).

Learn how to create strong passwords!

Setup email on your smartphone (Students) (Employees)
Calendaring (Exchange)
Conferencing (Audio and Web)
Spam Filtering (Students)  (Employees)
     What is Phishing?   EKU Phishing Alerts

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool that offers instant messaging (IM) as well as many other features to enhance collaboration and communication.
-Instant Messaging (IM)
-Audio, video and web conferencing
-Mobile Clients
-Teams Phone Status and Call Forwarding

Room Reservations-IT

IT has 3 computer classrooms available for reservation through Outlook/OWA:

Combs 219 Maroon Room  (33 desktop PCs)
Library 207D Computer Classroom (33 desktop PCs)
Powell 13 Incubator Classroom (35 laptop PCs)

Document Sharing

myMail One Drive 

Google Docs

Collaboration Tools

G Suite for Education

Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate and connect with colleagues using chat, voice, video, and online meetings through a consistent user experience across computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Bulk/Mass Email Communication

  • EKU Today
  • EKU Student Today
  • Administrative Emails (e.g., EKU President, EKU VPs, IT Notice)
  • Course Email Rosters


LISTSERV is an easy-to-use email list management software that allows organizations, classes, departments, and other groups of 25 or more that need to communicate with their members.  LISTSERV allows faculty and staff to create, maintain, and communicate with mailing lists.

Advantages to a LISTSERV

  • Support all types of mailing lists, including email newsletters and announcement lists
  • Owners can control who sends messages to the list
  • Owners can control who is subscribed to the list
  • It creates a comprehensive archive of postings searchable from the management site