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Wireless Support

Information Technology Checklist: New Students

IT checklist for new students at EKU.

Information Technology Checklist: New Employees

IT checklist for new employees.

Wi-Fi Setup on iOS Phones

Instructions for students and employees setting up wi-fi on iOS phones and devices.

Mobile Devices and Smartphones: Employees

Resources and information for using smartphones and other mobile devices for EKU employees.

Wireless Network: Android Device

How to connect your Android device to EKU's wi-fi.

Wireless Network: Linux/Unix-based

Information on how to set Linux/Unix-based systems up on EKU wi-fi.

Wireless Network: Chromebooks

How to connect your Chromebook or other ChromeOS device to EKU's Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting a Network Connection

Issue: Network speed or connection issues (Residence Halls and around campus)


Clear Your Browser Cookies, Cache, and History


  1. Click Library library icon , click History, then click Clear Recent History.
  2. In the Time range to clear dropdown, click Everything.