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Wireless Network: Chromebooks

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Go to the web address chrome://settings

Click the arrow ► next to Wi-Fi
Click the wireless plus-sign icon (next to the On switch)
Enter the following settings--you might need to click an Advanced button if you see one.

SSID:  eku_secure
Security:  EAP
EAP emthod:  PEAP
EAP Phase2 authentication:  MSCHAPv2
Server CA certificate:  Do not check
Identity:  Enter your user name (the part of your email address before the @ symbol)
Password:  Your password


On the screen chrome://settings/networks?type=WiFi

  • Forget Known Networks:  Under "Known Networks," click the arrow next to networks such as eku_guest (and especially eku_secure), then clickthe "Forget" button
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Reboot your Chromebook
  • Re-enable Wi-Fi, then try adding the eku_secure network manually with the above information.