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What To Bring to EKU Residence Halls

Tech to bring to school


Computing Device Recommended system requirements: Windows 7/8/8.1 or higher or Apple OSX 10.13 or higher
Microsoft Office EKU provides all enrolled students Microsoft Office for free. Find out more.
Ethernet Cable CAT 5 Ethernet cable 25' recommended length
External Drive We recommend an external hard drive to store your files and backups on

A printer is not required. Students receive $25 printing allotment for IT Computer Labs and Cloud Printing. Find out more.

Wireless printers are not permitted in residence halls. Wired printers are acceptable.

Cell Phone

Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone and sign up for emergency notifications. Find out more.

Surge Protector A surge protector is suggested for plugging in student electronic devices. (NOT a power strip)  If you can afford it and have a lot of expensive electronics, a university power supply (UPS) is good.
Game Systems Students can bring game systems. Find out more.
Warranty Bring a copy of the warranty information and tech support phone numbers for electronic devices.
Devices that will NOT work on campus Routers, both wired and wireless (including Apple Airports)

Wireless printers (can only use if wired to a computer)
Bluetooth networking devices
Wifi "hot spots"
Cell phones operating as "hot spots"

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