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Collaboration Support

Blackboard Collaborate

Launch Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Open Course
  3. Click Tools (on the left-hand menu)
    Blackboard Collaborate
  4. Click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to schedule and join web conferencing sessions and view recorded archives.

IT Training Video

Office 365 for Education

File and Data Storage

OneDrive  (Install on PC)

G Suite for Education

File and Data Storage, Archiving, and Backup

Collaboration Apps

Blackboard Collaborate Etiquette

Best Practices for a Good Session

Blackboard Collaborate Support

Support from Blackboard Help

Comparison Chart - Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite for Education

Feature G Suite for Education Microsoft Office 365 for Education
Browser Chrome Internet Explorer / Edge
Word Processing Docs Word
Spreadsheets Sheets Excel
Presentations Slides PowerPoint / Sway
Email Gmail (not available at EKU) Exchange/Outlook 
Pages Sites (not available at EKU) SharePoint

Office 365 Account and Login Information

Your Account Credentials

You will authenticate your Office 365 account like you do your G Suite for Education account, with your full EKU email address and password:


Chat (Instant Message) a co-worker or co-workers

This knowledgebase article covers how to chat or IM a co-worker/co-workers

Schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook

This knowledgebase article covers scheduling a Teams meeting within Outlook

Blackboard Tool Availability

Tool Availability in Blackboard Courses

To use any of the tools listed below in your Blackboard site, you must first enable the item(s) on your Tool Availability page. It’s easy: On your course menu, open Customization > Tool Availability. Scroll to the item and check the box(es). Click the Submit button to complete your work.

Copy Data to a Personal OneDrive Account

Students are eligible to copy their EKU data to a personal account.

Transfer OneDrive Data to Another Person or Group

The simplest method to copy your OneDrive data to one or many others is to create a team in Teams. Add each person who needs access as a member of the team  Then move the files to the new team.

OneDrive: Transfer To A Different Storage Service

If you want to move from OneDrive storage to another service (for example Google Drive) you will need to copy the data to the other service. Once you copy over the files, you can delete the content in OneDrive. 

Clear Your Browser Cookies, Cache, and History


  1. Click Library library icon , click History, then click Clear Recent History.
  2. In the Time range to clear dropdown, click Everything.