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Collaboration Support

Blackboard Collaborate

Launch Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. Open Course
  3. Click Tools (on the left-hand menu)
    Blackboard Collaborate
  4. Click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to schedule and join web conferencing sessions and view recorded archives.

IT Training Video

G Suite for Education

File and Data Storage, Archiving, and Backup

Collaboration Apps

Office 365 for Education

File and Data Storage

OneDrive  (Install on PC)

Blackboard Collaborate Etiquette

Best Practices for a Good Session

Blackboard Collaborate Support

Support from Blackboard Help

Comparison Chart - Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite for Education

Feature G Suite for Education Microsoft Office 365 for Education
Browser Chrome Internet Explorer / Edge
Word Processing Docs Word
Spreadsheets Sheets Excel
Presentations Slides PowerPoint / Sway
Email Gmail (not available at EKU) Exchange/Outlook 
Pages Sites (not available at EKU) SharePoint

Office 365 Account and Login Information

Your Account Credentials

You will authenticate your Office 365 account like you do your G Suite for Education account, with your full EKU email address and password:


Chat (Instant Message) a co-worker or co-workers

This knowledgebase article covers how to chat or IM a co-worker/co-workers

Schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook

This knowledgebase article covers scheduling a Teams meeting within Outlook