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Technology Needs for Remote Instruction

The following products are recommended by IT and pre-approved by the Procurement Office for purchase.  These items may be purchased using a University procurement card.  Departments or individuals who do not have a ProCard may contact Purchasing to have an item ordered on their behalf.  Departments may use their operating funds or faculty may use their professional development funds for these purchases.



Recommended Product Link (if applicable)

Headset – Jabra UC Voice 250

Monitor – In order to facilitate the delivery of online classes, faculty may remove monitors from their campus office for use at home during this period.  For faculty who wish to purchase a monitor, the approved device is the Dell P2319H, 23” Monitor (Priced $142).


Keyboard/Mice – IT has an adequate stock of keyboard and mice available for loan in Combs 208.  These may be plugged into a Dell or HP laptop.

Please call 622-3000 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to schedule a pick-up appointment.

Docking Station – Dell Dock – WD1990 PD


Webcam – For desktop computers, the Logitech C270 720p USB webcam is recommended.

IT does not recommend additional cameras for university-issued laptops.

(For desktop computers only):

Zoom License Request


For assistance with purchasing, please call 622-7126 or 622-4484. For the ProCard office, please call 622-7688.