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Voicemail Options: Employees

What is voicemail?

Voicemail is designed to allow callers to leave messages when you are on the phone or unable to answer the phone.

Apart from basic message taking, the system also offers the following features:

  • Remote access: ­ you can access your messages from another telephone
  • Message waiting: ­ when you pick up your own handset, the system tells you of any new messages
  • Forwarding: ­ messages can be transferred to other voice mail subscribers
  • Password protection: ­ you can control who has access to your mailbox
  • On-line help: ­ online help is available by pressing star (*) H or star (*) 4 for each menu
  • Status of outgoing messages: ­ indicates when a message was sent or received

Voicemail Menu

Dial 2-6691, press #, enter password and press #

Press 1 Record Messages  
Press 2 Get Messages  
  press 0-listen or restart  
  press 3-pause/resume  
  press 5-rewind a few seconds  
  press 6-fast forward a few seconds  
  press #-skip to next message  
Press 3 Administer personal greetings  
  press 0-listen to a greeting  

Enter greeting number, then press:

  • 0-listen
  • 1-re-record
  • 2-review status
  • *D-delete
  • #-if finished
  press 1-create, change or delete a greeting  

press 2-scan all greetings

  press 3-Activate a greeting  
  press 4-Administer call types  
  press #-if finished  
Press 5 customize mailbox  
  press 4-change voicemail password  
  press 5-record name  

How do Eastern's voicemail systems work?

A typical voicemail system will answer the phone after three rings or immediately if the line is in use. Many offices on campus are setup so if the first number called is not available it will ring to a second and sometimes a third number, so callers do not get busy signals. Please call 622-1079 if there are situations where voicemail should not answer the phone. Another phone in the office is still able to pickup the called phone using call pickup (* 7). 

Calls can be manually forwarded (* 2 + extension) which sends all calls to the extension forwarded to, without the option of going to that extension's voicemail. To remove this use #2. 
Example: Ext1 uses *2 to forward the phone to Ext2. If someone calls and Ext2 doesn't answer the phone, the voicemail on Ext1 will pickup. If Ext2 is busy, then the voicemail on Ext1 will pickup.

How will I know how to use the system?

It is best (and fastest) if you ask someone that uses voicemail to explain how to set it up. If you need help, need to change your password and/or voicemail extension call 622-1903.

How do I re-record my spoken name?

To re-record the name heard when you leave a message for other people or in other system announcements:

  1. Login to the voicemail system
    1. Call 26691
    2. Enter your extension (2XXXX) and press #
    3. Enter your password and press #
  2. At the activity menu press 5, then 5, then press 1 to start recording, and 1 to stop recording, and # to approve it

How do I record a voicemail greeting?

To record a voicemail greeting:

  1. Login to voicemail
    1. Call 26691
    2. Enter your extension (2XXXX) and press #
    3. Enter your password and press #
  2. Press 3 to record the greeting that a caller will hear
  3. Press 1 to change or create your greeting
  4. Enter a greeting number, 1 to 9 — usually 1
    • If you are re-recording, you need to choose the same greeting number you are using now

How will I know if I have messages?

With a regular telephone when the handset on the phone is picked up a soft beeping noise will replace the regular dial tone. Other telephones may have a message waiting light. This light will blink when there are new messages.

How do I listen to messages?

  1. Log in to your voicemail
    1. Call 26691
    2. Enter your extension (2XXXX) and press # (or simply press # if calling from your own phone)
    3. Enter your password and press #
  2. Press two (which indicates to the system that you want to listen to messages)
  3. Press zero to listen to the message
    • This only works after the voicemail box has been setup.

How can I check my messages when I'm off-campus?

Follow the same steps you do when you're on-campus, except you must dial 622-6691 (area code 859 if you're outside the area code) to reach the voicemail login.

You can easily check your EKU voicemail from your iphone following these simple steps.

What can I do if I'm leaving a message and make a mistake?

If you are leaving a message, make a mistake and want to delete your message, press * and then 3 to delete the message.
If someone walks in and you want to pause while you are recording a message, press 1 to pause and then 1 again when you want to continue.
You can also press two and then three to listen to what you have recorded.

How can I setup different greetings for busy and no-answer calls?

The voicemail system will allow different greetings for different types of calls. The system can tell the difference between:

  • Calls from on-campus and calls from off-campus
  • Busy signals and no-answer calls
  • Calls during work hours(8-4:30) and outside work hours

The first step to having different greetings answer different types of calls is to tell the system to differentiate between different types of calls:

  1. Log in to your voicemail
  2. Press 3 to administer personal greetings
  3. Press 4 to administer call types
    • Press 1 to differentiate between on campus and off campus calls
    • Press 2 to differentiate between busy and no answer calls
    • press 3 to differentiate between calls during working hours and outside working hours

The next step is to create another greeting:

  1. Log in to voicemail
  2. Press three to administer personal greetings
  3. Press one to create or change a greeting
  4. Press two for the greeting number (this assumes you already have a greeting one)
  5. Press one to activate this greeting for busy calls
    • If greeting 1 was active for all calls then it automatically becomes active for no-answer calls

What should I do if the voicemail system won't let me in?

If you forgot your password, the voicemail system won't let you in, voicemail says to contact the system administrator, or voicemail doesn't answer your phone after three rings, please e-mail the system administrator or call (859) 622-1903.

How do I transfer a caller directly into someone's voicemail without ringing their phone?

This feature can be very useful when the person being called does not want to be disturbed (they may be in a meeting or busy).

  1. Initiate the transfer (typically by pressing the switch hook or flash)
  2. Dial 28900
  3. You will hear a message saying "Please enter the extension number..."
  4. Dial the extension number of voicemail box you want the caller to go to and press #
  5. Finish the transfer by hitting the switch hook (or flash) to let the caller hear the voicemail message

IMPORTANT: Hit the switch hook or flash quickly, otherwise the caller won't hear the voicemail's entire greeting.

How do I setup a voicemail box that someone else has already used or setup?

If the voicemail box has already been setup it will not prompt you to change your password (if you are already using a 5 digit password) or the spoken name. If you do not know the password on the voicemail box then you will need to contact the system administrator at (859) 622-1903 or e-mail. The following directions explain what to change once you know the password.

  1. Login to your voicemail
    1. Call 26691
    2. Enter your extension (2XXXX) and press #
    3. Enter your password and press #
  2. Press 5 to customize your mailbox
    • Audix will not say that 5 is an option but you can press it anyway
  3. Press 4 to change your password
  4. Then enter your new password and hit #
  5. Enter your new password again hit # to confirm
    • Your password must be between five and 15 digits in length
  6. After your password has been changed Audix will say "changed" and bring you back to the activity menu
  7. To change your spoken name: press 5 at the activity menu
  8. Press 5 again, then record your name at the tone
  9. Press 1 when you're done saying your name
  10. Press # to approve your spoken name
  11. Press 3 to record the greeting callers will hear
    1. Press 1 to change or create your greeting
    2. Enter a greeting number 1 through 9 (usually 1)
    3. Press 1 to record, and press 1 again to stop recording
      • Press # to approve your recording
      • Or press 2 then 3 to listen to the recording
      • Or press *3 to delete
      • Or press 2 then 1 to re-record
    4. Press 1 when finished.

What is an automated attendant and a bulletin board?

An automated attendant answers the call and plays a pre-recorded message that provides menus to the caller to direct their call to certain extensions or an informational message. A system with some informational messages is called a bulletin board, such as the Weather Information Hotline: 859.622.BADW(2239).

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