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Use a Secure Internet Connection

Use secure networks, such as your cellular carrier network, EKU_SECURE, or a wire connection.

On Campus

Use a wired connection when practical.  Wired connections to the internet from on-campus computers, including lab computers, use the university's secure network.  These are always recommended on-campus for Blackboard (e.g., taking tests and quizzes) and confidential university work (e.g., financial information).

For wi-fi use EKU_SECURE.  This is a secure wi-fi network that should be used by members of the EKU community.  Before using the service, you may need to configure your settings on your device.  You will also need to log in with your EKU email username and password.

The EKU_GUEST network is for visitors who do not possess an EKU login.  This network is less secure and more limited in what you can do when connected to it.


Use a cellular network from mobile devices.  Your cellular carrier network is the best choice for a secure connection.  At EKU, you can use EKU_SECURE.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)Setup VPN on your computer. This is available to all EKU employees.

Your home network.  Secure your home network by keeping your devices up-to-date and securing your wireless router.  At home, it is best to use a wired connection, when practical.  Use a VPN when accessing sensitive university data. 

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