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PowerBroker Run Elevated

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 Installing Applications

A special malware protection mechanism has been installed on EKU laptops. That software, called PoweBroker, provides the security of a limited-user account and the flexibility of elevating to an administrator account on demand.

Installation Method 1: Software Center

This feature resides in the Start Menu. Click the Start Menu button, then enter “Software Center” into the search box. Pressing enter or clicking the resulting icon will reveal a list of applications verified and packaged by EKU IT.

Installation Method 2: PowerBroker Desktops (Right Click > Run Elevated or Install Elevated)

Download an executable file, right click it and select Run Elevated from the Right Click menu. If it is an install file other than an executable, you may see the option Install Elevated instead. You will now see the PowerBroker Desktops Authorization dialog box. Simply provide a justification (a few words is okay) and email password. After you click OK, Windows will continue the installation process.

Note: If updates that occur inside individual programs do not work, uninstall the original application (if applicable) and install the new version according to any of the methods explained here. Additionally: Autorun settings for CDs may not work. Simply go to Computer > Right click the CD Icon > Find the exe or other setup file.

Installation Method 3: Secure Install Folder (C:\Secure_Install)

Sometimes the Run Elevated option will not work because a program installer will spawn a number of subordinate executables which causes problems with the PowerBroker application: 1) Copy the executable or other installer file to Computer > C: > Secure_Install. 2) Double click the install file. Windows will let all processes to run as well and install the application.

Changing Programs and Settings

In order to Remove software you installed, click on the Start menu button, click on All Programs, then expand the folders for Power Broker > Tools. Four options are listed:

  1. Manage Network Settings
    1. Allows you to enable or disable wired or wireless network connections
    2. Also allows you to view or change TCP/IP settings
  2. Manage Printers
    1. Allows you to modify settings for printers already configure on your computer
    2. Sometimes allows you to add new printers
  3. Manage Programs and Features
    1. Allows you to uninstall software
    2. Sometimes allows you to add or remove components to particular software
  4. Manage Windows Updates
    1. Allows you to download Updates directly from Microsoft before IT tests and pushes out updates to campus.
    2. This option should be left alone usually

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