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Protect Your Privacy

Your personal information is as valuable as money.  As such, you should value and protect it.  Your PCs and other devices connect to the world but are loaded with personal information about you—contact, photos, videos, locations, financial data, etc.

Best Practices

  • Secure your devices with strong passwords/PINs.
  • Think before you use an app and be sure you know what access it wants on your device and why.  Don’t just let every app access your camera or contact list unless there is a good reason for it.
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi unless you are secure about it.  Don’t just join random hotspots either.  Hackers can set one up quickly to hack your devices with.  If leaving a secure Wi-Fi area it is a good idea to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Keep software and apps up-to-date as patches security holes in software.  This includes things like browsers too.
  • Delete software and apps when you no longer want them.  Often we use an app for an event or on vacation but never need them again.  Go ahead and remove them.  Delete all the apps and software you don’t use.

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