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Information Technology

Jeff Whitaker, Chief Information Officer

Administrative Support

  • Robyn Hanks, Manager (Budgets, Purchasing)
  • Sheila Napier, Switchboard Operator

Information Services (Banner/Telecom)    

Support Staff (Database Support, Banner User Support, Training, Skype for Business support, Telecommunications/ Office Faxes & Other Analog Devices)

  • ​Jeremy Steele, Information Services, Team Lead
    - Derrick Conder, Database Administrator
    - Cindy Duff, Systems Specialist
    - Stephanie King, Systems Specialist
    - Stacey Mays, System Specialist

    - Angie McDaniel, Systems Specialist

    - Chad Rose, Database Administrator

Programming Staff (Reports, Maintenance)

  • Jeremiah Duerson, Information Services, Team Lead
    -Charlotte Hisle, Programming Analyst
    -Abby Horn, Programming Analyst
    -Janet Johnson, Sr. Programming Analyst
    -Alex Martin, Programming Analyst
    -Josh Reynolds, Programming Analyst
    -Adam White, Sr. Programming Analyst
    -Michael Wooten, Sr. Programming Analyst

Infrastructure & Enterprise Systems (Networking, Wireless, Lync)
Dustin Tennill, Director

Networking (Hardware, Wireless)

  • Bobby Bruner, Sr. Network Engineer/Team Leader (Wireless, Hardware)
  • Eric Fields, Network Engineer (Data Lines, Wireless, Network)
  • Ryan Lewis, Network Engineer (Data Lines, Wireless, Network)

Systems Administration (Enterprise Systems)

  • Chris Briney, Systems Administrator
  • Ryan Turner, Sr. Systems Administrator
  • John Wooton, Sr. Systems Administrator


  • Byron Sims, Senior Security Engineer

Technology Support Services

IT Service Desk (Software & Hardware Support)  
Donnie Powell, User Service and Support, Assistant Director

  • Philip Gump, Lead  (Enterprise User Systems)
    Michelle Rose, Senior IT Consultant
  • Danny Lewis, Coordinator  (Technology Services & E-Presence)
  • Kenneth Rice, Lead  (Application Systems and Development)
    Lindsay Riley, IT Consultant
    -Pam Hocker, IT Consultant
  • Mike Wynn, User Service & Support Coordinator  (User Services and Support)
    -Teri Alexander, IT Consultant
    -Daniel Clemmons, IT Consultant
    -Morgan Couch, IT Consultant
    -David Estes, IT Consultant
    -Michael Glass, IT Associate
    -Amy Graham, IT Consultant
    -Dexter Hicks, IT Associate
    -Rachel Moore, IT Consultant
    -Brian Nalley, IT Consultant
    -Daniel Nalley, IT Consultant
    -Patrick Smith, IT Consultant
    -Wesley Watts, IT Consultant

IT Geeks (Student IT Support\IT Labs)
Lisa Moore, IT Communications & Student Support Service Manager

Academic Instructional Services (Multi-media Spaces, Instructional Hardware, Classrooms, Special Projects)
Justin Goldstein, Manager (Academic Instructional Services)

  • Chris Bundy, IT Consultant
  • Brandon Verhoeven, IT Consultant

Online Learning (Blackboard)
Eugene Kleppinger, Manager

  • Jonathan Sikora, Coordinator  (Professional Development & Academic Services)