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Network Security

Most devices today need an internet connection to be useful but anyone can set up a free Wi-Fi network and fool you into handing over your personal data.

Best Practices

Know or verify who owns Wi-Fi or wired networks before you connect

  • Connect to secure networks whenever possible
  • Don’t connect to sensitive accounts if you’re using public Wi-Fi (e.g., McDonalds)
  • Use VPN connections if you have to connect to a public network
  • Password protect your home Wi-Fi network with a strong password

Connect to EKU_SECURE

At EKU we offer a secure Wi-Fi network for students, faculty, and staff to use.  It encrypts your data over the network, protecting your information as it travels between your device and its destination. 


This Wi-Fi network is for guests and visitors at EKU who do not need or do not qualify for an EKU account.  This network is limited so not all EKU-specific sites will work on it.

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Wireless Security Protocols: WEP, WPA, and WPA2  

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