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Scheduling Meetings in myMail

1. Login to myMail account

2. At the top, click 'New' then 'Calendar Event'

calendar 1 image

3. In the pop-up box complete the 'Details' on the left.  Then under 'People' on the right, click the '+' to 'Add attendees.'

calendar 2 pic

4. In the 'Search' box, search for the EKU employee or EKU student's name.  When you find the person you want to add to the meeting request, click the '+' sign after their name to add them to the 'Required attendees:' list at the top.  When you are finished adding names, click the 'Save' button at the top.

calendar 3 image

5. Check to be sure the attendees don't have anything else on their calendar during your request time, click the 'Scheduling assistant' link.

calendar image

6. If there are conflicts, you will see it on the other person's calendar and then you can change the date and time on the left.

calendar image

7. Back on the Calendar you will see the 'Attendees' listed under your name as 'Organizer.'  Be sure the box 'Request responses' is checked so you will get a notification if they accept or decline your meeting request.  Then click the 'Send' button at the top.

calendar 4 image

8. Once an attendee responds to your request, you will receive notification in your myMail inbox.  An example of an accepted meeting:

calendar 5 image

9. To see your calendar events, click the app box in the upper right-hand corner of your myMail and choose 'Calendar.'

calendar 6 image

10. Your meeting will appear on your calendar and you can hover or click on the item for details.

calendar 7 image


Published on February 18, 2016