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What is Ally?

Blackboard Ally focuses on making digital course content more accessible and building a more inclusive learning environment.  This improves the student experience by helping them take clear control of course content with usability, accessibility, and quality in mind.

  • Automatically checks course materials for accessibility issues against WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards and Section 508!
  • Generates alternative accessible formats using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Helps guide instructors on how to improve the accessibility of their course content and alter future behaviors.
  • Provides instruction-wide reporting on content accountability too.
  • What's more, Ally works behind the scenes with the instructor.  All students see are more options for course content.

The accessibility scores it generates (see image below) gives the instructor feedback on how to improve.

 ally scores

To learn more about Ally, checkout the IT Accessibility section of our website.

Published on December 03, 2018

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