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Use ILP Integration in Blackboard to transfer grades into myEKU

The Blackboard site for every course at EKU includes a tool named Submit Grades to myEKU. It is simply a shortcut for entering midterm and final grades into myEKU, but it has some functions that allow instructors to use data directly from the Grade Center (or Gradebook, in Ultra Courses).

We call this process “ILP” because it uses the Intelligent Learning Platform developed by Ellucian, the company behind Banner (and myEKU).

This shortcut process works for the INSTRUCTOR OF RECORD for all Blackboard sites based on a single CRN, and for all sites for officially cross listed courses. It will not be useful if you have “merged” several course sites. You must use myEKU for any grades other than ABCDF. If you have any questions about the ILP process, call the IT Service Desk at 859-622-3000.

In a Blackboard course, in Original Course View, open the Course Tools list (from the main course menu on the left) and click Submit Grades to myEKU. In Ultra Course View, click Books & Tools (on the main menu on the left), under Details & Actions, to find the same link. You will see a new browser tab with a list of your students. At the top you can select Midterm or Final Grades.

Here is a sample of the Final Grades display:


Here is a sample of the Final Grades display

The idea is that you can post your students’ final grades in the Final Grade column, and then click Submit (at the bottom of the page) to transmit those grades into MyEKU.

  • If you have not used the Blackboard Grade Center, the columns for Current Grade and Final Grade will be empty, and you can simply type the letters into the Final Grade column and then click Submit.
  • If there are letters in the Final Grade Column, review them carefully. You can change any of them as needed, and then click Submit to complete the task.
  • If you want to empty the Final Grade Column, to type your own values, use the “Clear” button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you enter a grade of F or FN, you must also enter a Last Attended Date. The format is mm/dd/yyyy. If you do not enter a date for such a grade, when you submit the page the system will respond with error messages to remind you to supply the date.


To confirm that your transfer steps were successful, visit myEKU.






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