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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

EKU provides high-speed internet access for your personal devices. Some devices such as video game consoles, Rokus, Chromecasts, Fitbits, Alexa smart speakers, and smart TVs might first require a completely free, one-time registration to enable network connectivity.

  1. If your device has an Ethernet port, then plug a network cable into it for internet access; or
  2. If your device supports WPA2 Enterprise wireless security, then connect to the EKU_SECURE wireless network by using your EKU email username and password to log in (e.g., REGISTER your phones, tablets, or PCs on EKU_SECURE or use Ethernet-DO NOT use the BYOD network); or
  3. If your Wi-Fi device only supports WPA-PSK wireless security, then use the portal link below to register your device to connect to the internet.  BYOD registration is for devices WITHOUT Ethernet or WPA-2 Enterprise capabilities.
  4. Chromecast users - these currently do not function properly.  When Cisco supplies us with the solution, we will implement that and note it here!

Users can register up to 5 devices at a time.

To register:

  1. Click this link (MAC address) to find the MAC address of your device(s).
  2. Connect to using your EKU email address and password. 

    Connect to using your EKU email address and password.

  3. Follow the instructions to complete your BYOD registration.


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