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Also visit the BitLocker Recovery article.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is Microsoft's built-in Windows tool for encrypting computer hard drives to keep the data secure against theft.  BitLocker also supports USB thumb drives and external hard drives.  When a drive is encrypted, that data can only be accessed upon entering the correct password or recovery key.  A recovery key for each device is backed up to a secure EKU server in case you or IT ever needs to decrypt a drive due to a forgotten password.

When will BitLocker be available?

IT is currently testing BitLocker and will be making it available to select individuals in spring 2017.  BitLocker is expected to be available to all EKU-owned Windows PCs by summer 2017.

Why is IT installing BitLocker?

Data encryption is a best practice for keeping data secure if a computer is lost or stolen.  However, you are still responsible for keeping your password secure.

How do I get BitLocker?

IT will be contacting employees.  Those who have access to FERPA-protected information and personal identifying information (PII) will be contacted first.  Eventually, all new PCs will come with BitLocker already configured.


What else should I know?

Self-Service Site

If you are ever prompted for a recovery key or have forgotten the password to a BitLocked external/USB drive, you may contact IT or use the web portal  NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser.

Technical Information

The good news is that BitLocker can protect your computer without your needing to remember an additional password.  However, a USB thumb drive requires a password if data is to be written to it.  Visit Wikipedia and Microsoft TechNet for in-depth technical details regarding BitLocker.


Help—I forgot my password!

Visit the self-service web site.  NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome web browser for to work properly.

See the BitLocker Recovery article for detailed recovery instructions.

Published on April 25, 2017

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