Information Technology A to Z Index

Employee Support

View Previously Scanned Documents

How to view previously scanned documents in BDMS.

Hobsons: Manage Event Attendance

How to manage event attendance in Hobsons.

Delete a Document

How to delete a document in a result set, and a displayed document in Doc Mgr.

Lync Client: Voicemail

Setting up voicemail using Lync client.

Thumbnails Setup

How to set up the thumbnails option.

Insert a Page to an Indexed Document-WebApp

How to insert a page to an indexed document in WebApp.

Hobsons:Telecenter -Build a Call Job

How to build a call job in Hobson's Connect.

Move or Copy Document Pages

How to move and/or copy document pages to a batch in BDMS.

BDMS Insert a Page to Indexed Document

How to insert a page to an Indexed Document in Doc Mgr.