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Quick Start Guide to Working Remotely


Telecommuting or remote work is a work arrangement in which the employee works outside the office, often working from home. Rather than traveling to the office, the employee works through telecommunication links, keeping in touch with coworkers and employers via telephone, email, and video conferencing services. 
It is critical to be prepared for an emergency event that may have an impact on traditional workflows. This page provides EKU employees with a selection of IT resources that can be leveraged to ensure continuity of work in the event of an emergency that disrupts campus-based activity. Here you will find information on preparing for and facilitating remote working at EKU.
While the focus Is on resources provided and supported by EKU IT, we will do our best to assist community members with whatever IT resources they are using in an emergency.

This page reflects EKU IT's current recommendations and support paths as of March 11, 2020.  These are subject to change.  Please check back for updates.   Stay informed with EKU's coronavirus (COVID-19) information page.

Required Equipment

What equipment will I need to work from home?

There are some prerequisites to work remotely. You should have:

  1. A consistent electricity supply and connection to the internet
  2. A computer or tablet capable of connecting to the internet
  3. A headset is recommended; however, it is optional
  4. Access to EKU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) if you use a shared drive functionality or specific specialized applications. 

Using a University-laptop away from the office - setup on-campus

  1. Be sure to take your AC power adapter
  2. If it is near the time to reset your password, do that. 
    [Set up self service password reset
    [Change password-Know password] 
    [Change password-Have self service on and don't know password]  
  3. Be sure you have the software and operating system updates
  4. Be sure you have a device set up on two-factor authentication (2FA). [Instructions]
  5. Be sure you have your files on the laptop

If you do not have a work laptop and need to use your own PC

  1. What files and applications will you need?  Move them to your OneDrive or Google Drive
  2. Ensure your personal PC is up-to-date and secure.  National CyberSecurity Alliance Tip Sheet: Security Tips for Remote Workers
    -Update the operating system, software, and browsers
    -Enable the firewall
    -Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA), when available
    -Lock your screens
    -How to Safely Clean Your Cell Phone
    -Cybersecurity and COVID-19
  3. Set up a device for two-factor authentication (2FA)
  4. Gather other things you need to be productive
    -Headset or microphone (unless built-in)
    -Camera (unless built-in)



Collaboration Basics

G Suite Tips


get help


Where can I get help?

EKU offers several avenues to obtain help with telecommuting and remote work:

IT Service Desk - 1-859-622-3000 [Hours - EST]

Submit Online Request

Twitter [DM Us]


EKU's Recommended Applications for Telecommuting

Instructions to obtain items below can be found by clicking the Service/Tool name.  To login [link typically at top right-hand corner of the screen], use your EKU email username and password.

Service / Tool Audio Call Video Call Screen Sharing Videos / Presentations Document Creation / File Sharing / Storage Planning / Coordination Secure Network Access Email / Calendar Tasks / Project Management
-Blackboard         X X      
Google []                  
-Drive         X X      
-Docs\ Sheets\ Slides         X X      
-Chat\Meet X X X X   X      
Microsoft []                  
-OneDrive         X X      
-Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note Online         X X      
-Outlook Web Access               X  
-Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Whiteboard X X X            
-Stream/ Video/ Sway       X          
-To Do/Tasks/ Planner           X     X
Remote Desktop                  
VPN (Cisco) 
Gives users access to campus resources from off-campus.
Zoom (EKU Distance Learning Only) X X X