Information Technology A to Z Index

IT Support

EKUDirect: Employees

EKUDirect is a Web-based secure link to your data for university related personal information.

Blackboard: Student Basics QUICK START guide

Quick Start Guide for students new to Blackboard

Cloud Printing: Mac

Cloud Printing on EKU Campus with a Mac Computer.

Banner: How to Change Password

How to change your Banner password for EKU employees.

Training: Banner 104 Student Information

Description of the Banner 104 training.

Training: Banner F04 Requisitions and Receiving

Description of the Banner F04 training.

Remote Desktop Connection (PC)

How to connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection.

Web Time Entry: Hourly Employees

How to enter hours in EKU Direct.

BDMS Basics: Help Sheet for Document Manager

Basics for Document Manager.

CMS: Content Types

CMS-content type options.