Information Technology A to Z Index

IT Support

CMS: Preparing for Training

Prepare for a content management system training session.

Drive Mappings

This article is for EKU faculty, staff and students and outlines the Drive Mappings and their uses.

CMS: Request a Web Site

Request a web site for your area. 

Adding a Room to Outlook Room Finder

Adding a departmental controlled conference rooms.


How to connect to the Wired/Ethernet in EKU Residence Halls.

Telephone Options Guide: Employees

This is a guide to telephone options for EKU employees.

Wireless Network: Android Device

How to connect your Android device to EKU's wi-fi.

View Your Holds and Major

This article discusses viewing your holds and your major in EKUDirect.

Web Writing: Best Practices

Guidelines, tips, and hints for writing more effective web content. This article is for students, faculty and staff.


Instructions to set up SSLVPN on a PC.