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Types of Blackboard Assessments

Log into EKU Blackboard site using your EKU email username and password.

External Email Tags

To identify potential phishing emails from outside senders, IT will begin using external email tags on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Adding and deleting users in your Blackboard Course or Organization

Adding Users

The steps to add instructors, teaching assistants and graders to your courses were changed due to concerns about FERPA compliance.

Please request the addition of others to your Blackboard site through the IT service desk at 859-622-3000 or the Web form at

Bb Annotate Grading Tool Update

ISSUE: Recently Blackboard instituted a new in-line grading tool in Bb Annotate.  While this tool has several improvements and features compared to the old “New Box View,” we have discovered a design issue that can cause significant frustration and lost work. 

Blackboard Course Banner Images

You can make a very nice banner graphic or "header" for your course, to display at the top of the Announcements page. NOTE: If this image isn't formatted correctly, it will not display correctly if a user views their courses in the Blackboard tile view. 

Use Microsoft Excel to create Blackboard test questions

Here are directions to create Bb test questions/answers through an Excel spreadsheet. This method is especially efficient when you want to create new multiple-choice questions.

Blackboard Course Merge

Are you teaching mul

Get Started with Blackboard: Faculty

Blackboard is EKU's learning management system (LMS):

Copying Course Material in Blackboard

If you want to move content from one Blackboard course to a separate course:

Using the Course Tiles View in Blackboard

Blackboard lets users choose to see their courses in "list view" or "tiles view."  Users select the view by clicking the buttons at the top left above their entries:   All users can have whichever view they prefer and can switch at any time.

Handling Images in Blackboard Tests

1. Add images to test questions

The Bb Test Canvas lets you add images directly to any test question. While you are creating or editing a question, the third toolbar on the Question Text box has a button to “browse” for the image. First, put your cursor in the Question Text where you want the image to appear, and then click the Insert/Edit Image button.

Student Preview Mode in Blackboard

Student preview allows instructors to review their course from a student's perspective.  This is helpful if you want to be confident the course is well-designed and fuctioning as expected.  You can also validate course behaviors, such as the conditional release of content and how grades appear.

Hide Courses No Longer Teaching/Delete previous instructors from courses

ISSUE: You are no longer an instructor in a course in Blackboard and no longer want to see the course on your course list (#1, below). You are a new instructor and want to remove the old instructor from a course (#2-7, below)


Change Course Name in Blackboard

Renaming a Current Course

Follow these steps to change the course name that is displayed on My Courses for you and your students:

Instructor can't see controls in Blackboard (Edit Mode is OFF)

ISSUE: Instructor can't see controls in Blackboard (Edit Mode is OFF)