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U: Drive for EKU Employees

The U: Drive is private storage space for faculty and staff at EKU, and is backed up by EKU servers on a regular basis.

U: Drive

  • Employee personal files may be stored here
  • Is mapped as the U: Drive in "My Computer"
  • Is not crawlable by Google and other search engines
  • Quota: 2GB

How to Map the U Drive to my computer: 

For PC: 

  • Open up the My Computer window and choose the "Map Network Drive" option across the top. 
  • Choose the letter "U" and type in the following address:
  • \\\user\emailusername

For Mac:

  • Add the following to your System Preferences -> Network -> TCP/IP search domain box:,, 
  • From the "Go" menu, choose "Connect to Server" and enter the following address: 
  • cifs://

Access U: Drive from off-campus

Windows Users:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. In the location area, type and press enter.
3. When prompted, enter email username and password. 
View the contents of your U: Drive. Upload/download files by dragging them into or out of this folder. 

Mac OS X Users

1. Click the "Go" menu and choose connect to server.
2. In the blank, type cifs:// and then click the plus sign to add it to your favorites.
3. Click connect.
4. When prompted, choose to add the password to your keychain and enter your email username and password.
You will be presented with a volume on your desktop. You can use this like any other folder. You may drag and drop any files and folders to it as you need.

Contact Information

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