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SSVLPN Setup (Mac)

  • Click the magnifying glass (top right corner of screen)
  • Type "Java" in spotlight
  • Select Java Preferences

  • Select Java SE 6 CPU-Type 32-bit
  • Click and drag the 32-bit to the top (default setting for Mac Java SE6 are set to 64-bit)

  • Select "Quit Java Preferences" 
  • Open Safari
  • Select Preferences
  • Click Privacy icon
  • Uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows"
  • Switch radio button for Block cookies to "Never" (switch back after setup of SSLVPN)

  • Type into web address bar
  • Hit enter
  • Enter username and password
  • Click Login

  • If Java Plug-in is not enabled a message will appear

  • Click Enable
  • Close Safari
  • Log in at
  • Click Checkbox "Allow all appets from with this signature"
  • Click Allow

  • VPN Client Downloader message will appear

  • Enter Mac System username and password to install
  • Click OK

  • "Installation was successful" message will appear once the VPN Client Downloader is installed

This reveals the VPN Connection icon in the title bar in red

To quit the session, click on the VPN Connection icon on the title bar and select "Disconnect"

Remote Desktop Connection (Mac)


  • If this message appears do not download (it will download, but will not work)
  • Click retry (this may take 3 attempts)

  • When reconnecting to VPN at a later time a different screen will appear

  • Click the Start button in the bottom right corner of screen
  • The screen will open minimized
  • Resize the small window (cisco) by placing mouse cursor on bottom right corner and dragging to larger size

  • An information screen referring to Java will appear