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Save Page Rotation (New/Sticky Versions)

New Version

1. Display the original page (version in lower right hand corner)

2. Rotate the image to desired position.

3. On toolbar, select Page, New Version, Current View. This option allows save rotated image as a new version of the original image.

4. On the bottom right corner the new version number will appear.

If more than one version of a page exists, the newest version is displayed by default. You can access all other versions through the Page menu, the Page version toolbar buttons, or hot key combinations.

AppXtender orders page versions as they are created. The original page becomes version 1; the next variation of that page is version 2; etc. System-generated version numbers are displayed in the status bar and the title bar.

You have the option to keep the old version or delete the unwanted version.

Sticky Version

1. Rotate document to desired orientation using buttons on toolbar.

2. Select View, Sticky View, Save setting, then select one of the views.

To view new page orientation, close the View chosen.