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Microsoft Account Recovery Tool

Beginning Wednesday, May 29, 2019 employees and students will have the ability to setup self-password resets on their accounts (e.g., Blackboard, myMail).  Once this is enabled after you enter your login information (username/password) you will be prompted with a 'More information required' box on both a PC or mobile device.
Self Service Password Setup  

Self Service Password Setup

1. Click Next.
2. You will be redirected to a page where you can add an 'Authentication Phone' and 'Authentication Email' in order to reset your password on your own.  This would mean no more logging into EKU Direct or calling the IT Service Desk for assistance--unless your account is hacked.
We recommend setting both the phone and email because if you only set up the phone, for example, and your phone breaks, you would be locked out of your password reset option.
NOTE: The email you use must be a non-EKU account so if you are an EKU employee, you can't use your faculty/staff email address as the authentication email account. 
Self Service Password Setup
3. When you add the phone number and email, you will be sent an authentication code via phone call/text or email that you will enter for verification:
Self Service Password Setup


Self Service Password Setup
Self Service Password Setup
4. After you verify, click 'finish' screen, click 'click here' to login.
A word of caution.  In carrying out all these operations, use the utmost discretion.  Be careful that you are not observed typing in your password or authentication data.  Never leave your workstation while you are logged into your Microsoft Profile.  Close the browser completely once you are finished.

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