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Password Security Checklist

Change Your Password if it is at Risk

If your password is at risk, you may need to change it more often.  Ask yourself the questions below to see if you need to change your password now.  Balance your answers with the need to have a password that you can remember without having to write it down.  If you have a strong, secure password that is easy for you to remember and you can use it with care, you may not need to change it as often as someone whose password is more vulnerable. 

  • Have you used your EKU password for a non-EKU service? We recommend that you use your EKU password only for EKU services.  Other services may not provide the same level of password protection that EKU does.  If you have used your password for non-university services, it's time to change your password.
  • Have you used your EKU password on a public network, such as those at a restaurant, hotel, or coffee shop?  If you use an insecure network, you should change your password after doing so.  If you must use an insecure wireless network, use the EKU VPN to protect your connection.
  • Have you told anyone your EKU password?  Never tell anyone your password! If you have, it's time to change your password
  • Did you share your EKU password with a significant other or family member?  Never tell anyone your password!  If you have, it's time to change your password.
  • Do you think you may have fallen for a phishing scam?  If you think you may have been tricked by a phishing email into providing our password, it's time to change your password.  In fact, do it immediately. 
  • Does your password following the guidelines for EKU password security?  If not, it's time to change your password.
  • If your password more than one year old?  It's time to change your password.
  • Were you informed by IT or your department liaison that you have a weak password?  If so, it's time to change your password.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Strong passwords are essential, but they aren't enough.  Phishing attacks and data breaches put all your passwords at risk, and you need additional security. 

Safeguard your personal information at EKU by opting into two-factor authentication (2FA) when it is made available in Spring 2019.  


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