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OWA: Create a New Inbox Folder

  • Login to OWA (
  • Right click on the word Inbox
  • Select create new folder 

  • Name new folder 
  • Hit Enter to name folder

To manage rules, click the gear icon 

  • Select Options
  • Select Organize Email
  • Select Inbox Rules

  • Select + button

  • Select the rule to apply (in this example select move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder)

  • Name the Rule
  • Select option under the When the message arrives (for this example, select It includes these words in the subject)

  • Select Enter Words to the right of the drop down menu
  • Enter specific words or phrases
  • Select +
  • Click OK

  • Select what happens to the message (for this example select Move the message to folder)
  • Click Select One to the right
  • Select previously created folder

  • Select OK
  • Select Save