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Move or Copy Document Pages

Document Manager allows you to move or copy document pages from the Document Display view to another application. Document Manager processes the pages as a batch. You must have the Batch Scan privilege for the target application and the Delete Page privilege for the source application to move or copy pages.

1. Display the document in Document Display view.

2. Select Document>Copy or Move Pages from the menu bar. Document manager displays a view for specifying move or copy options.

3. Specify the pages:

  • for a continuous page range, insert a hypen (-) between the first and last page (ie: 1-4)
  • for separate pages, insert a comma (,) between each page (ie: 2,4)

4. To move or copy all versions of the specified pages, select Include page versions. Document Manager moves or copies only the current page versions if you do not select this option.

If you move or copy multiple versions of a one-page document, Document Manager
converts the page versions to separate pages in the target application.

5.  Select the target application.

6.  Specify how you want to index the batch:

  •  Select Index new Batch document to index the batch immediately after moving or copying the pages
  •  Clear Index new Batch document to index the batch from a batch list at a later time

7.  Specify how Document Manager creates the batch:

  • To move the pages from the source application, click Move

Document Manager does not display the Move button if you do not have the Delete
Page privilege for the source application.

  • To leave a copy of the pages in the source application, click Copy

8.  Index the batch. If you did not select Index new Batch document, retrieve the batch from the
Batch Index list when you are ready to index the batch.