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Lync Phone: Status and Forwarding Calls

Forwarding incoming work calls to another number (such as your cell phone or home phone) is possible with Lync. This can be done on your work phone or by using the Lync client on your desktop. If you want the incoming call to ring simultaneously at work and another phone, this can only be done via the Lync desktop client on your computer. Detailed instructions can be found below for both options.

Along with the options below, call forwarding can be established using the Lync app (now called Skype for business). Detailed instructions regarding the app can be found at

Call Forwarding (Using Skype for Business on your work computer desktop)

Note: This option allows incoming calls to ring at work and to another designated phone number

1. Open the desktop client, choose Tools, then Call Forward Settings

2. You can select “forward my calls to:” to forward as done above. If this option is selected, calls will be forwarded immediately and not ring to your work number.
3. You can select “Simultaneously ring:” to allow calls to ring at work and also ring another phone or person, such as calls to your cell phone.
4. Click OK

To turn off call forwarding with the client:

Follow the same steps above, but select "Turn off call forwarding" in the Call Forwarding options section.

Call Forwarding (Using menu on the phone)


  • Select Forward button
  • Use directional wheel to scroll through options

To forward to your cell phone (it is recommended to use the client for forwarding work calls to another phone. Note: this option will ring only to the forwarded number, calls will not ring to your work phone. To have calls ring to work and another number see next section below.)

  • Select Forward to contact
  • Enter phone number
  • Click more
  • Click OK

To turn off call forwarding from your phone: 


  • Follow the same steps above, but select "Do not forward calls" on the phone menu.


Setting Status

For Do Not Disturb

Select DND button for Do Not Disturb
Select button again to return to active status
For additional status options

Select More
Select MyStat
Use directional wheel and scroll up and down through options

Contact Information

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