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Lync Mobile App (Skype for Business)

The Skype for Business app serves in a similar capacity as the Lync client on your desktop. Users can message other Lync users at eku, change their status (available, busy, off work, etc.) and make calls as if they are calling from their work phone. See below for detailed instructions on how to download and set up the app.

Visit the App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android) and download the current Skype for Business app.

Note: Calls made with the app will appear as your work number to the person receiving the call.

Download and Setup


  • Enter EKU email address and password (this will need to be changed each time the user's EKU password is changed)


  • Select Show Advanced Options
  • Enter facultystaff\username (your AD username, lastnamefirstinitial, doej)
  • Select Sign In


  • Enter EKU office number including area code and 622

Using the App

Make a call using the app by clicking 

Check your calendar by clicking

Message someone in your contacts by clicking 

To adjust other settings (including Status, Call Forwarding, Sign Out) click 

Click status to change your status if desired.

To adjust call forwarding (also see Phone Status and Call Forwarding)


  • Select call forwarding
  • Choose your option (Forward calls, simultaneously ring, do not forward)
  • You can select “Forward my calls to:” to forward as done above. If this option is selected, calls will be forwarded immediately and not ring to your work number. Enter the number as 18591234567
  • You can select “Simultaneously ring:” to allow calls to ring at work and also ring another phone or person, such as calls to your cell phone. Enter the number as 18591234567


Contact Information

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