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Lync 2013: Meetings

Schedule a Lync Meeting

  • Open Outlook calendar
  • Select Home tab
  • Click New Lync Meeting

In the meeting request, add recipients, subject, agenda and date/time.

Set Meeting Options

  • In the meeting request, click Meeting Options

  • Click A new meeting space
    • To control meeting access, select an option under These people don't have to wait in the lobby
    • To choose presenters, select an option under Who's a presenter?
    • To mute all attendees and prevent video sharing, use options under Do you want to limit participation?

Recording & Playback

Lync recording captures audio, video, instant messaging, application sharing Power Point presentations, and whiteboard.

  • Click More Options
  • Click Start Recording

  • Use the controls at the bottom of the meeting room to pause, resume or stop recording
  • After the recording is stopped it is automatically saved
  • Click Manage Recordings on the More Options menu
    • Highlight the recording to play, rename or delete
  • Click Browse to locate the recording to copy the file to post for others to view

Manage Participants

  • Pause on the people icon to manage participants individually or as a group
  • Under Participants tab, right click a persons name to mute, unmute, remove, etc.
  • Click the Actions tab to:
    • Invite More People to add participants
    • Mute Audience to eliminate background noise
    • No Meeting IM to turn off IM
    • No Attendees Video to block attendees from starting their video
    • Hide Names to hide names on pictures
    • Everyone an Attendee if there are too many presenters
    • Invite by Email to send additional email invites

Share Your Desktop or a Program

During a Lync Meeting, it is possible to share your desktop, or a specific program.

  • Pause on the presentation (monitor) icon
  • On the Present tab:
    • Click Desktop to show the entire desktop
    • Click Program and double click the program to share

  • Click Give Control on the sharing toolbar at the top of the screen to share control with another participant
  • Take control back by clicking Give Control, then Take Back Control
  • Click Stop Presenting to end session

Share a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Pause on the presentation (monitor) icon
  • On the Present tab, click PowerPoint
  • Upload the file in the meeting
  • To move the slides, click Thumbnails, click slide to show, or use the arrows at the bottom of the meeting room
  • Click Notes to view presenter notes
  • Click Annotations (upper right side of slide) to open toolbar to use highlights, stamps, etc.