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Hobsons: Build a Filter

This example will show the basics of building a filter. For this example we are building a filter to send an email to a previously imported Phi Theta Kappa Database.

  • Login to Hobsons Connect
  • Select Contacts from top navigation bar
  • Select New Standard Filter under Contact Filters (left side navigation)

  • Scroll down to Step 2

  • Select relevant option by clicking on dropdown menu 
  • Select Contact Edits

  • Select Source Codes

  • Select the blue button Select Values

  • Check group and select OK at the top of the page

  • Select Test Button

  • Check # of Contacts Returned

  • Name the Contact Filter
  • Write a thorough description for future use including where data originated, any exclusions, and use for filter
  • Select Save 

Send email using filter