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Email: Recover Deleted Emails

Deleted Item Retention is set to 60 days. If an employee deletes an item from the Inbox, it remains in the "Recover From Deleted Items" area for 60 days.

Outlook 2013

  • Open Outlook
  • Right click on Deleted Items in the lower pane
  • Select Recover Deleted Items

  • Select the email to recover by clicking on it
  • Select the Recover Selected Items button¬†

Use the search engine to search for the email-it will return to the inbox by date.


  • Login to email
  • Select Deleted Items from second pane
  • Select recover deleted items

  • Select email by clicking or checking the gray box

  • Select recover in the bottom right corner

  • Select OK

Use the search to locate the email-it will return to the inbox by date


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