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Outlook 2013: Advanced Find

This video (less than 2 minutes) explains the Advanced Find feature in Outlook 2010 and 2013. 

Advanced Find can provide the following information:

  • Everyone in a specific department at EKU
  • Everyone in a specific building at EKU
  • Everyone with a specific title at EKU

Use the Advanced Find feature in Outlook to Send Email

  1. Using Outlook, select new mail (upper left corner)
  2. Select To button
  3. Confirm Address Book selection is Global Address List

      4. Select Advanced Find

  • For Names: search by either last or first name
  • For Departments: use the Department search (ie: Information Technology, Human Resources, Foreign Languages, etc.)
  • For specific titles: use the Title search (ie: Dean, Administrative Assistant, Professor, etc.)
  • For specific buildings: use the Office Search (ie: Perkins, Burrier, Coates, etc.)

To select all:

  1. highlight top entry
  2. scroll to bottom
  3. hold shift key
  4. click last entry
  5. select To or BCC button
  6. select OK

•Double click an individual contact to open a dialog box containing full contact information. 

Keep your contact information updated in EKUDirect to stay current in the system.


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