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EKUDirect: Employees

EKUDirect provides access to a wide range of data for employees:

Benefits Leave Balances Pay Deductions
Personal Information Pay Stubs Tax Statements
Emergency Text Messaging Surveys Emergency Contacts
Parking Permit Information Advisee Data RAC Numbers
Online Schedule Book Class Rosters Faculty Schedules

EKUDirect provides access to a wide range of data for faculty:

Look up Classes Class List(s) Grades
CRN Class Roster Advising Students
DegreeWorks (audits) Contact Students  

How to Login for First Time Users

  1. Enter your EKU ID Number on the EKUDirect Login Page
  2. Enter your initial PIN which is your six digit birth date in this format: mmddyy
  3. For example, January 5, 1991 would be 010591
  4. Click “Login”
  5. You will see a screen that says “Your PIN has expired. Please change it now.”
  6. Enter your initial birth date PIN as your Old PIN
  7. Enter any other six digit number for your new PIN. Note, the six digit number cannot be your birth date or part of your Social Security Number
  8. Read and click Login
  9. Follow the instructions to create your Security Question and click Submit
  10. Agree to Terms of Usage by clicking Continue
  11. This process also activates your email account
  12. View your account information

EKU Direct User Login

  1. Click in the blank box next to User ID and enter your EKU ID number.
  2. Tab to Pin box and type in your pin.
  3. Click Login. Re-enter pin for verification.
  4. Click on Login.

EKUDirect Training