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The bottom section of the EKU Homepage is a result of input from students, faculty and staff including:

  • pictures and videos of campus events and students
  • easier and more thorough search of the A-Z index
  • central location to find out about campus events
  • Quick Links for ease of navigation

Photo Blog Section

  • Click anywhere on the graphic to view all photos from the most recent Photo Blog
  • Select View All Photos to view all Photo Blogs entries

EKU Homepage

The rotating graphics below the Photo Blog reflect the top search terms according to Google Analytics. The graphics link directly to the appropriate webpage. 

Video Blog Section

  • Click anywhere on the graphic to view the most recent Video Blog
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EKU Homepage

A to Z Index

The EKU A to Z Index is now searchable. Type in a search word and select the magnifying glass to search. Select the Magnifying Glass to go directly to the A to Z Index. Search terms are not universal to the EKU webspace. Only A-Z index items are searchable.

Events Section

  • Select More Events to stay on the homepage and view upcoming events
  • Select View All to go to the Events page

EKU Homepage

News Section

  • Select More Stories to view recent stories on the Homepage
  • Select View All to go to the EKU Public Relations News page

EKU Homepage

EKU Quick Links

Select the Quick Links button located in the bottom left corner to view footer links.

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