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Conference Calls

Three-Way Calls

To add a third party to your call:

  1. Depress Switchhook
  2. Listen for 3 short tones
  3. Dial third party
    • If the third party cannot be reached, depress the switchhook to be reconnected with your original party
    • Depress the switchhook twice if the third party is outside your dimension system
  4. Third party answers
  5. Depress switchhook
  6. Begin talking immediately

To drop a third party:

  1. Any party hangs up
  2. Remaining two parties can converse

IMPORTANT: One remaining party must be within the DIMENSION system, unless the Trunk to Trunk Transfer feature is provided in your system.

4-12 callers 

Reservations are required to use the conference call bridge.
No password or access code for participants is required.

There are two options to set up a conference call:
Option 1:

  • Visit EKU Conference Bridge
    • Click the Orange "add event" button to the right
    • Fill in information and click submit

Option 2:

  • Contact Connie Finley

The Conference Call Bridge number is 622-2538.

Contact Information

Connie Finley
(859) 622-8043