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Computer Naming: Fixed Asset

How to name computers in Active Directory.

Because of the recent changes in the way the university handles fixed assets we will begin to use the following system to name the PC’s that are joined to Active Directory. This will affect any PC that cost less than $3,000.

The PC name will consist of the first two characters of the manufacturer, plus the full serial number of the machine. The identified codes are as follows: 

DE = Dell 
AC = Accent 
GA = Gateway 
CO = Compaq 
HP = HP 
GE = Generic 
AP = Apple 
TO = Toshiba 

For example, a new Accent PC name would be AC123456. 

If your machine currently has an inventory tag, continue to use it as the PC name, but as we phase in new purchases please use the new naming scheme. It will be unnecessary to rename PC’s that are already joined to AD.